the radical agnostic (2)

April 19, 2010

Radical agnostics have a hard time accepting that the words “believe in God” have any meaning whatsoever.

Is there a God?
believer: Yes.
atheist: No.
agnostic: I don’t know.
radical agnostic: …?!?!?

Here’s a typical exchange between a meddler and a radical agnostic:

M: Is there a God?
RA: …?!?
M: So you don’t believe in God.
RA: …?!?!?
M: Well, are you a believer or an unbeliever?
RA: …?!?!?!?

To the RA’s ears, the “dialogue” sounds like this:

M: Vbzntglfng mnhfns?
RA: What? Uh?
M: So you don’t blmpqrkgn in vnzlms.
RA: Huh? What? Eh?
M: Well, are you fngzbljnmkpxs or xzbvfnglrtspfkgl?
RA: Come again? Well what? Eh? Wh…?

Radical agnostics are probably human specimens with a beneficial mutation in brain chemistry.


One Response to “the radical agnostic (2)”

  1. Greg Scott Says:

    I have just added comments to ‘the radical agnostic (1) that I now wish I had added here instead. They might offer at least some common ground that believers and ra’s could explore together.

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