shut up, I’m telling a story

May 13, 2009

Throughout any debate, you can notice this: all you need to do to be heard is to make your words into a story.

Isn’t it interesting that everyone shuts up when a story is being told? Why do people interrupt someone in the middle of a proposition but very seldom in the middle of a story? Religions are successful not because they are logical structures, but because they are made up of stories. All animals stand still and stare as a story is unfolding before their eyes. We’re no exception.


5 Responses to “shut up, I’m telling a story”

  1. dade amorim Says:

    This is a point to be discussed, Dr. People need stories.

  2. Disturber. Says:

    Religions could never be logical structures, cause their objective is the absence of logic, the absence of thoughts, the rise of pure intuition.
    And don’t try to tell me any history, cause I love to interrupt tale men.

  3. Dr Plausible Says:

    absence of logic : y
    absence of thoughts : y
    rise of pure intuition : n

  4. Disturber. Says:

    How could a catholic priest, for instance, give a married couple an advice about marriage? And (my God!!) they do.
    Got the point?
    One day you will find that many solutions in your own life showed up when you were thinking about nothing. This is intuition, the opposite side of unstoppable thinking. In fact they are not foes, just sides of the same coin.
    All religions try to show that if you have these insights once, you can have them all the time, kind of a plug-and-play, time-time living.
    Once you reach this, you reach Nirvana, Paradise, or what you name.
    This is religion. Rest are tales. Forget about accessories (i.e. churches, fag priests :), merchandise). All these stuff were created by idiots, and no sacred book prescribed them.
    Greetings from Italy. Sorry for inevitable english errors.

  5. Rogério Says:

    é verdade…

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