u.s. ironies, inc.

August 26, 2007

Oh no, I’ve been caught!

In the US, breasts have gone from being a fixture to becoming a fixation. Women want to have fully portable deluxe erotic units and men want to gorge themselves over them in osculatory gratification. So for both, it’s an object of desire if there ever was one.

With that in mind, I find it extremely ironical that many Americans should object to breast-feeding in public. A woman breastfeeding her baby in, say, an airport lounge is all too often asked to take herself and her indecent bundle into the ladies’ room. The certainly unintended and unsconscious irony is twofold:

(1) the US is hailed by the Americans themselves, and very probably much more so by those same objectors, as the country where no one goes hungry and where you can get anything you desire, if you desire it strongly enough. It’s paradoxically and ironically seen as offensive that a woman should bare one breast (not both, mind you) in public so her kid does not feel hungry for the next two hours or so; and that perception can only be there because a public display of a breast might, just might, be construed (by perverts and prudes alike) as a titillating invitation to desire.

(2) a prohibition of public breast-feeding is exactly the sort of thing you’d expect from Muslim countries, the very countries those same objectors probably feel most threatened by, the very countries where women not only throw veils over breasts and breast-feeding babies, but over whole women as beings unfit for public exposure.

Maybe ironies like those are inevitable in a multifarious democracy like the US – where every nonsensical, sick and crazy notion gets a fair chance to be vented in public. But I think there’s a real danger in “democracy” getting all too often confused with “common sense”. The two concepts are not even related. So why should the one [breast]feed on the other?


5 Responses to “u.s. ironies, inc.”

  1. Pode comentar em português? Em inglês eu ia cometer uns errinhos e sou muito orgulhoso para isso :-)

    É sério que não deixam amamentar em público nos EUA? Mas que bando de pervertidos, minha Nossa Senhora!

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Possessiveness!!

  3. DrPlausible Says:

    I guess some ironies are hard to detect, especially from within.

    I myself missed the point about “lost in translation”. I wonder if that’s because English isn’t your first language?

  4. Madison Says:

    i love this pictuure(=

  5. i love to feed babies specially when they burp and smile after feeding them ‘`

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